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  • FFC/FPC Series
    FFC/FPC Series

    Features & Performance

    n0.4mm Pitch 1.52mm Height High Speed FFC connector 

    nDifferential impedance: 85 Ohm 

    nFlip-Lock System Provides Reliability and FFC Security 

    nZero insertion force for Easy  FFC insertion 

    nCompatible with 0.3 mm Thick FFC (Gold finger area) 

    nAutomatic Mounting Option Available 

    nCapable USB4, TBT-4 and PCI-express Gen-5 speed 

    nZ-height: 1.3 mm 

    nPin count can go up to 80 pins

    nFFC cable max thickness: 0.30 mm

    Product Specifications


    Product Catalog

    FFC spec.pdf

    Product Drawings

    M.2 Product Line Introduction-2022-11-29.pdf

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